Thursday, March 22, 2012

No Excuses

Having survived my first group workout, I returned for more tourture  health boosting workouts!

My first one on one session with trainer Tony was brutal! I think if I never had to do another mountain climber or burpee, life would be just about perfect. ... Funny how some of these exercises put life into perspective for you.  My half hour finished, I wobbled out of the gym and home.

Saturday morning came early. I'd set my alarm but slept through it, waking just in time to throw on some exercise clothing and run a brush through my bedhead.   Tony put us all through the paces.  4 exercises a set. I made my way though squats, push ups, suicides, the dreaded lunges and burpees.  This week he added caterpillars, windshield wipers and bugs.

Dead bug that is.... here is one of our team mates demonstrating.  one arm and leg on opposite sides of the body stretch out and you hold for 30 seconds... a lot harder than it looks!  I huffed and puffed through the sets and was happy when we finished... I made it and I was still alive!   Tony grabbed me and sent me to the office for weigh in before I went home to nurse my aching muscles.
I am happy to report I lost a pound and our Team was #1 on the leader board.

This evening was another one on one and Tony kicked my butt! Weights, planks, more weights and that sadistic trainer put in more mountain climbers!! I ended the half hour proud of myself though. I did everything he asked of me even though it hurt. I had it in me to thank Tony for the which he smiled and said "See you Saturday?"  OY!  I then jumped on the treadmill on a whim, for another half hour.. .I was dripping by the time I was finished.

My 1 pound loss this past week was not a big contribution and I've not been to happy with my eating the past two weeks.  After watching "Biggest Loser" tonight,  I am adopting their motto of "NO EXCUSES" No extra nibbling, workouts on time and in between sessions, I will walk  and get myself to the YMCA to swim laps.  I found I enjoy the lap swimming. It is hard work and I'm wobbly when I get out of the pool... but I am getting better and my stamina is rising.

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