Saturday, February 25, 2012

Smallest Winner

I have gone and done it.  I can't believe I did but I have.
What is it I've done?  I went and joined the weight loss competition at the YMCA, another competitive weigh loss challenge :))
Those of you who personally know me, know how competitive I can be.  I need to lose some more weight and thought being in a competition like this would get me revved and going!
Not sure just what goes on at the kick off this morning at 10am, as there have been no emails or contact since my original sign-up/sign check at joining.

I will be under the heading of the Purple Team,  with trainer Tony, which meets each Saturday for an hour to do weigh ins and group exercise. I am hoping the team gained more members since I signed up as it was a rather small team then. There are other teams as well that meet throughout the week with other trainers.  Beyond the weekly meet, I will get a half hour session which is one on one with the trainer, advice on nutrition and other motivators.  What does one win??  Not so sure about that besides the actual loss of poundage!  Which will please me more than anything.

what are my goals??    Specifically... I want to lose 30 lbs
The program is 12 weeks long so this is an attainable # measurable by the scale and the tape measure :) oh and the clothing that sits in the bins in my bedroom waiting to see the light of day!!

I hope to blog through this challenge and keep you all abreast as to what  is happening...the good, the bad and the ugly!

So here's to a clean and healthy competition!!  Wish me luck!!


Elise said...

You go for it and you are inspiring me!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!! You can do it!